A New 4NCL Season and a New Team GM Simon Williams

22 November 2013

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The 4NCL kicked off quite recently. As the Jutes of Kent has folded I was lucky enough to join another great team, Cheddleton.

Cheddleton already has a number of players that are good friends of mine and we also have a very good chance of finishing very high in the league.

In my first game for the team, I had the Black pieces against Ben Savage. After a long break, I thought that it was time to go running back to my first love, the Classical Dutch :)

I have had some bad previous chess experiences against Ben Savage; on two previous occasions I can remember losing to him with the Black pieces. In both games I avoided the Dutch, so it seemed natural to see what he had planned against my favourite opening.

The opening went very well for me and I quickly gained a good position. After a fair bit of messing about, the game was decided by a pretty queen jump.

My knight on h2 is looking sorry for itself, but in actual fact it plays a key role in the execution of my next plan.


When White is forced into a lost position.

In fact, 29…Qc1+ 30 Ncd1 Qd2! could have been an even stronger continuation.

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