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How to Analyse GM Danny Gormally

01 October 2016

Tagged: Gorm, Middlegame

What is more important, getting results or having the right approach? Even if your results are good in the short term, there is a danger that eventually your luck will run out if you don’t have the right approach.

I realized that last year, that when I was up against strong players. You can’t get away with the sort of stuff that you can against players of a lower level, you quickly get found out. They analyse better. They see through your tricks. Basically I understood that I wasn’t calculating well enough, so I had to go back to the drawing board, I got the dusty old chess set out of the cupboard and trained myself to calculate again. I’d set up a sharp middlegame position from a game I’d find online or something like that, and try to work my way through the complications.

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The Vienna Open and how to Beat Stronger Players GM Danny Gormally

12 September 2016

Tagged: Gorm, Middlegame

Danny annotates some games from the recent Vienna Open where the Ginger GM himself played, and gives some useful practical tips for playing against stronger opponents.

The Vienna open is a tournament I always wanted to play but never got around to. By all accounts it’s one of the best tournaments in Europe. My good friends Keith Arkell and Simon Williams formed some of the British contingent this year. Apparently they were originally sharing a room, but Keith’s snoring and the fact that the accomodation was so far from the venue convinced Simon that he might as well shell out for his own room, so ended up changing hotels.

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Kings on Steroids GM Simon Williams

05 September 2016

Tagged: Middlegame

This article was first published on - My favourite chess site..

Reproduced with permission [view original article].

The most sacred of all pieces is the king, a piece we must care for and nurture. Right!?


In this article we are going to take a look at kings on steroids.

The kings below are drugged up to their eyeballs and ready to race around the pitch in a purple haze. After all, rules are there to be broken, right?

The first game that springs to my mind when I think of an amazing king march is the following encounter, perhaps Nigel Short’s most famous game.

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How To Use Dynamic Diagonals GM Simon Williams

17 June 2016

Tagged: Middlegame

This article was first published on - My favourite chess site..

Reproduced with permission [view original article].

People spend too much time reading opening books.

There you go, I have said it. Think what you may of this statement, but it seems to me that the chess market is saturated with opening books. So many people will blindly buy a book, add to their collection, and never spend any time reading the contents. Yes, the opening is important, but other areas of chess are equally if not more important.

In this article I am going to try and teach you how to make use of diagonals in a more effective way. Forget the opening, this is aimed at mastering an important middlegame technique.

“He who learns but does not think is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.” Confucius

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Confused Bishops And Drunk Knights GM Simon Williams

01 June 2016

Tagged: Middlegame

This article was first published on - My favourite chess site..

Reproduced with permission [view original article].

Just recently I have become a bit obsessed with strange and peculiar chess moves originating from knights and bishops. In my first article for I took a look at what can be called The Nimzowitsch Knight Dance, and in this article I am going to indulge myself in some more beautiful and irregular ideas that have appeared in our beautiful game.

To start, let’s take a look at the “Speelman Suicide Knight.”

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The Nimzowitsch Knight Dance GM Simon Williams

19 May 2016

Tagged: Middlegame

This article was first published on - My favourite chess site..

Reproduced with permission [view original article].

Knights are tricky little pieces. Often seen dancing around the board like little mischievous imps, knights have the power to bewilder and confuse even the strongest of grandmasters.

I want to take a deeper look at one particular knight dance. The dance shown below has immortalized itself in my thoughts. I am hoping that I can share my love of this particular dance with you.

Learning certain patterns in chess is one sure way of improving your play.

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Sokolov Explains - Middlegame Pawn Structures GM Simon Williams

21 October 2014

Tagged: Products, Middlegame

Within this DVD the viewer will learn a great deal about middlegame pawn structures. Ivan looks at isolated pawns, symmetrical pawns and a vast array of other structures, whilst teaching us some valuable lessons. Ivan does this by first building up the position from its bare roots and then adding material, so each aspect of the position is understood.

I (Simon Williams!) learnt a lot from Ivan’s clear yet in depth knowledge of the game and we are sure that you will feel the same after watching this DVD.

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Answer to Spot the Finish GM Simon Williams

14 November 2013

Tagged: Middlegame

Here is the solution to the tactic that I posted a couple of days ago.

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Spot the Finish GM Simon Williams

12 November 2013

Tagged: Middlegame

Earlier tonight, I was wasting some time playing a couple of games in the 5 minute pool on ICC.

I found myself playing an English IM (no idea who!) and we reached the position given below. It was quite entertaining (for me!) and involved a nice tactical solution. Can you find the right solution?

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