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Shock and Awe - Pulverising the Philidor with g4! GM Danny Gormally

22 March 2017

Tagged: Opening Theory, Gorm

The Philidor defence is one of Black’s most solid defences to 1.e4. He aims to hunker down with as flexible position as possible and expand later. Recently this defence was given a boost by the “Black Lion” (I thought this might be something from one of David Attenboroughs programmes), a rather scary sub-variation that has been extolled by no less than the Ginger GM himself.

However, I wish to circumvent Black’s usual way of playing by recommending a system involving an early g4. This system is risky but it does have the benefit of immediately giving Black huge problems to solve. The whole idea of playing g4 in the Philidor I believe was first popularised by the ever inventive Latvian Alexey Shirov, who also created a similar idea against the Semi-Slav.

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Shock and Awe 4 - Flattening the French GM Danny Gormally

01 February 2017

Tagged: Opening Theory, Gorm

I must admit out of all the openings I chose to do a shock and awe article against, the one I had most trouble with was the French. It seemed so solid that the only serious way to take it on was by choosing one of the main lines with 3.Nd2 or 3.Nc3.

The problem is for this series I only want to cover openings that haven’t been analysed to death, and there’s a SERIOUS amount of analysis that comes with either of those choices. I thought about a system involving an early 1.b3, but somehow combining 1.e4 with b3 has never made a lot of sense to me.

So, to cut a long story short, I finally settled on a system which might not be completely sound, but seems a lot of fun and at a lower level at least, is bound to score a lot of easy victories.

Please let us know what you think of our new PGN viewer in the comments.

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Shock and Awe 3 - Taming the Taimanov GM Danny Gormally

02 January 2017

Tagged: Opening Theory, Gorm

The Taimanov defence is one of the most solid variations of the Sicilian. The flexibility and soundness of this opening is perhaps it’s key attraction. In many lines Black will develop quickly on the queenside with …b5 followed by …Bb7, put his queen on c7 and the rook will go to c8. Having the pawn on e6 rather than d6 often makes it much more difficult for White to break down the Black position with a convential pawn storm.

That’s why in this Shock and Awe series I’m going to be recommending a system where White quickly develops his queen to f3. White simply disregards systems involving a pawn storm and goes for speedy development of his queenside instead. This line is easy to remember and as it’s quite a new system there’s not a huge amount of theory around it. It’s a line that’s been adopted by players like Caruana, Karjakin and Shirov with real success.

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Shock and Awe 2 - Cracking The Caro-Kann GM Danny Gormally

22 November 2016

Tagged: Opening Theory, Gorm

The Caro-Kann is one of the most difficult openings to beat in chess. It was a favourite of Capablanca, and in more recent times has been used with great success most famously by Karpov, and also by British players like Jon Speelman.

My great rival and friend Keith Arkell has also used this opening in countless number of games - he likes the solidity of Black’s set-up, and believes that the extra e-pawn that Black enjoys is very useful for any endgame. How to crack it? Not easy.

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Shock and Awe 1 - Destroying the Najdorf GM Danny Gormally

28 October 2016

Tagged: Opening Theory, Gorm

No possible opening is safe from “SHOCK AND AWE”. Firstly we’re going to take on the most popular Sicilian of all, the Najdorf. I managed to find a funky way of taking on this opening where there’s very little theory.

Often I’ll speak to a player about a game and they’ll say how they played the c3 Sicilian or the Bb5 check variation, anything to avoid playing one of the main lines. I’ll say fine but why aren’t you taking the Sicilian head-on? What they’re afraid of is spending hours learning all the vast amount of theory associated with the main-line Sicilian.

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Winning With the Benko GM Danny Gormally

15 July 2016

Tagged: Opening Theory, Gorm

For this cutting edge series I want to give readers something they can get their teeth into; in other words an active repertoire for both colours. The Benko fits neatly into this category as it’s a very active defence where Black is essentially fighting for the initiative from move one.

Here White cannot “avoid” the fight, he has to take the game by the horns if he is to emerge with an advantage.

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Smashing with the Scotch GM Danny Gormally

04 July 2016

Tagged: Opening Theory, Gorm

Danny’s back with the first in a series of cutting-edge theoretical articles: a fresh idea for 1.e4 players. And he’s angry too!

Before starting this weeks article, which is about how to hammer Black’s feeble response to 1.e4, i.e. 1…e5, I want to get a few things off my chest.

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Krasenkow vs Williams: A main line Classical Dutch with 7…Ne4. GM Simon Williams

06 June 2014

Tagged: Opening Theory, Video

I have recently just returned from playing in the French league team championship. I had a pretty hard time, but there was some good chess played with some interesting games.

I was Black in the game below, against Michael Krasenkow, formerly a 2700+ player. The game was a Classical Dutch, where I came out of the opening with a promising position.

A video is included in the post, hope you enjoy :)

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An interesting way to play against the Kings Indian Defence GM Simon Williams

13 May 2014

Tagged: Opening Theory, Video

This video is taken from my game against James Jackson, from the final day of the 4NCL.

James, a rising and improving talent, played the early part of the game in model style.

Only later did he go wrong in allowing me to entomb his queen on the h8 square.

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A New 4NCL Season and a New Team GM Simon Williams

22 November 2013

Tagged: Opening Theory, Video

The 4NCL kicked off quite recently. As the Jutes of Kent has folded I was lucky enough to join another great team, Cheddleton.

Cheddleton already has a number of players that are good friends of mine and we also have a very good chance of finishing very high in the league.

In my first game for the team, I had the Black pieces against Ben Savage. After a long break, I thought that it was time to go running back to my first love, the Classical Dutch :)

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