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Hastings and Harrogate - My Chess Hell GM Danny Gormally

18 January 2017

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Remember when you were young, you shined like the sun? Shine on, you crazy diamond!

It seems to me that when I was younger, the whole experience of playing chess was a completely different one to what it is now. Chess was fun! I used to checkmate my opponents with the four move checkmate, I enjoyed finding combinations as I worked my way up the ladder. And now? Now for me chess has become a complete misery. Just woe piled on woe piled on woe. Woe is me, and woe is chess, and chess is me. Woe, woe, woe.

No greater example of this can be provided that the horrible two weeks I just completed which started with the misery of playing one junior after another in dreary hastings, and was completed in Harrogate, where my hopes of capitalising on my 300 rating points edge on the rest of the field were cruelly dashed.

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Is chess becoming an increasingly elite game? GM Danny Gormally

21 December 2016

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Unfortunately I was unable to play in the London Chess Classic this year. That’s because even though the grandmasters were offered £1250 to play in the FIDE open, you don’t get this money until after the event.

The way the fee structure is set up is that the £1250 is there as a guarantee against your prize. So therefore if you end up winning say £800 in the FIDE open, you don’t win anymore than the £1250 in any case. And as I didn’t have the money to afford to pay for a hotel in london for ten days, I had to withdraw.

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08 December 2016

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In life your personality can be both a strength and a weakness. This was certainly the case with Magnus Carlsen, who’s rather laid-back attitude to defending his title nearly cost him.

No doubt the playing strength of his opponent, Sergey Karjakin, took him by surprise, as it did so many others including this commentator. Karjakin, through months of sheer hard work, raised his play to a level we have not seen from him before and subsequently was able to match Carlsen accurate move for accurate move.


Carlsen vs Karjakin - Who Will Prevail? GM Danny Gormally

04 November 2016

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The World Chess Championships starts in New York in a few days time and already commentators are falling over themselves trying to predict the outcome. Most are forecasting a comfortable win for Magnus and indeed the odds reflect that - generally speaking the bookmakers make Magnus about a 75 percent favourite to win. In an effort to stand out from the crowd I made some comments on Facebook saying I think the match would be closer than many people think - saying that perhaps only Magnus would just edge it.

However to at least manage some research for this article, I decided to check their lifetime score against each other, and it revealed that Magnus leads 18-9 in decisive games, if you include rapid and blitz as well. This rather suggests that Carlsen is a much heavier favourite than I was giving him credit for.

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Isle of Man - Eljanov wins without a Playoff GM Danny Gormally

20 October 2016

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Pavel Eljanov from the Ukraine won the third Isle of Man Masters on tiebreak from Fabiano Caruana, who also had an excellent tournament and moved up in rating to clear world number two behind Mighty Magnus. In fact their scores were tied, but Eljanov had the better tie break which was done on progressive scores.

I am apparently not alone in finding this antiquated rule completely ridiculous. Even the mild-mannered Harry Potter lookalike Caruana expressed irritation that he wasn’t given a chance to win the tournament in a tie break. It’s time these ridiculous tie-break rules were scrapped. It’s another way that chess needs to get up to date.

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Postcards from the Olympiad GM Danny Gormally

21 September 2016

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The Chess Olympiad of 2016 took place in Baku. Although most of the comments about the organisation were positive, from a playing point of view it turned into a disaster for the Azeris. Most of their players performed at best par with their rating, at worst they had a nightmare. You only need two players to be out of form and you are going to struggle. Despite the best efforts of the captain Etienne Bacrot, who is a very good friend of one of the Azeri players Arkadi Naiditsch, the Azeri’s crashed and burned. It happens.

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British Championships Part 2 - Domination of Adams GM Danny Gormally

24 August 2016

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Going into the second week it looked wide open. After all I was only half a point behind the leaders on 4.5/6, with Adams and Howell and a surprise name, my golfing buddy David Eggelston, on 5/6. I soon found myself in some difficulty in my round seven game against Richard Palliser. As normal Richard was very well prepared and I had to go into some grotty ending where I’m struggling to hold with a queen against two rooks.

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Scottish Championships - The One That Got Away GM Danny Gormally

03 August 2016

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Danny’s currently going pretty well in the British Championships. Let’s hope it finishes better for him than the recent Scottish event!

In a sense the Scottish Championships was a typical chess tournament for me. I started well, had a good middle of the tournament but just couldn’t close it out. It was very similar to the 2015 British championships. I felt like I played the best chess of anyone there but it wasn’t reflected in the final result. Time and again my poor nervous control let me down. In round one though it wasn’t so much bad nerves as a certain amount of rustiness that caused me to draw a game I really should have won.

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Organisers - Pick the Right Players! GM Simon Williams

08 July 2016

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Creativity takes courage. Henri Matisse

Whether chess is an art form, science, sport or something completely different. The chess games that I most enjoy watching/playing, are the ones which are unique in some shape or form.

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Is Classical Chess Dead? GM Danny Gormally

23 June 2016

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Recently we’ve seen a glut of blitz tournaments dominating the headlines. The World Blitz Championship in Germany. The Paris and Belgium blitzes run by the World Chess Tour.

Then you have these online blitz marathons which pop up every now and again. The monthly tournaments run by I could go on and on, the list is endless.

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