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10 July 2013

I would like to warmly welcome people back to Ginger GM!

Things are still developing here, even though I have been rather redundant making any posts… I would now like to tell you about some future plans for Ginger GM…

I am currently working with Simon Ansell. We are in the process of developing a new website and eventually, some new and exciting plans for Ginger GM. Let me list some of the concepts that have developed over the last couple of months:

1) New Presenters!

The following personalities have finished filming some DVDs for us:

Danny Gormally

Danny has been a friend of mine for a long time. His rise to the Grandmaster title was very impressive, as he was a late starter.

As well as having an unique insight into chess, Danny’s sense of humour is also very unique, which makes him very entertaining viewing.

Danny has filmed a 7 hour DVD on Practical Play for Club Players. This will be ready for release within a month.

James Plaskett

James ‘Marmite’ Plaskett is a true individual. During his life James has worked with Kasparov (on a dvd), searched for a giant octopus within the Bermuda triangle and won a sweet £250,000 on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Plaskett’s Greatest Hits is a light-hearted DVD, showing some of James best attacking games, and trust me there are some real corkers. This combined with his interesting approach to life make this DVD something well worth viewing! Available soon.

Ivan Sokolov

Ivan really needs no introduction and we are extremely lucky at gingergm, to be the first chess company that Ivan has filmed for. During his life, Ivan has defeated Kasparov, been in the top ten players in the world and written some of the best educational chess books around.

Ivan is known for his cleaver wit and fighting spirit.

Ivan has filmed two DVDs. The first one a real eye opener, on certain pawn structures. I personally learnt a lot from this DVD. The next DVD is on sacrifices, often relating to pawn structures.

Both these DVD’s will be available shortly.

3) New Guest Writers

We have some very exciting new writers who are joining the Ginger GM crew. The identity of these writers will remain a secret until a later date, but rest assured we are aiming on bringing a bit of controversy to the chess world!

4) Digital Downloads/Streaming

The plan is make all our DVDs available for digital download or viewable via a streaming service. We are still messing about with the best way to do this, but it will come into full effect in the future. One possible plan is make a subscribership option available, where for a set price, you will be able to download all our videos for free.

Ginger GM also wants to bring of light hearted comedy to things, in the spirit of The Full English Breakfast. We are aiming to do this with a regular video report on the weeks events.

Anyway, things are getting near completion and any suggestions would be well received. The question that I am wondering is, ‘Is there anyone out there!?’

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GM Simon Williams

Ginger GM supremo Grandmaster Simon Williams is the brains behind the Ginger GM operation.