Krasenkow vs Williams: A main line Classical Dutch with 7…Ne4. GM Simon Williams

06 June 2014

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I have recently just returned from playing in the French league team championship. I had a pretty hard time, but there was some good chess played with some interesting games.

I was Black in the game below, against Michael Krasenkow, formerly a 2700+ player. The game was a Classical Dutch, where I came out of the opening with a promising position.

A video is included in the post, hope you enjoy :)

Chess is a notoriously difficult game and when things are badly, things can go very badly!

The French league was not my tournament, but there where some interesting moments and some interesting games. I am going to try and take a look at these games over the next couple of weeks and try to work out where things went wrong for me. During this process I will aim to share my games with you on this site.

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