Morozevich 0-1 Ansell! The Dutch claims another victim! GM Simon Williams

31 October 2012

One of the dangers of being a superstar and then playing against someone who has connections with a website, is that you are in danger of having that game published, whether it was a good game or a bad game.

Well, I am sorry Morozevich but you have fallen into our trap!! International Master Simon Ansell, who jointly started the website with me and who is the webmaster, recently won a game against Morozevich, in the Dutch defence!

The game started in bizarre fashion with 1. g3 f5 2. Bh3!? I have taken a quick look at the game below.

All a bit of fun really (for Si Ansell anyway!). 2. Bh3 is a typical imaginative idea, but I doubt that it will catch on at top level… Anyway, a great result for our website manager. Anyone else going to be a convert to the Dutch? It seems to be taking a number of 2700+ players out of late…

I read an interview with Moro a while back and his taste in music seemed quite impeccable. One of his favourite bands was ‘NIN’, a band that I listen to, far too much as well. Well in honour of Moro, let me add the following song.

It should be noted that Johnny Cash did a famous cover of this song when he knew that he was on his way out, but my favourite version of this song is actually performed by ‘Ziggy Sawdust’.

We all know what it is like to be left ‘hurt’ after a chess game…

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