The Killer Dutch eBook

24 October 2013

Killer Dutch – The Book is finally out, and if you purchased a copy of our Killer Dutch DVD through our website you’re entitled to a free copy!

At 449 pages, we believe that this ebook is the best and most comprehensive guide to the Classical Dutch available anywhere in the world, written by the Ginger GM himself – the world’s leading authority on the subject. Just see how World Championship Finalist Boris Gelfand coped with the problems posed by the Classical Dutch.

The ebook download is available inside the members area of our new website.

If you purchased the Killer Dutch DVD through the Ginger GM website, you’ve been automatically set up with a login and given access to the ebook in the My Downloads section.

Your login is the email address you used to make the Killer Dutch DVD purchase from us.

You’ll need to reset your password first, and a fresh password will be emailed to you (please check your spam folder) – this password can be changed once logged in. The log in link is in the menu bar, on the top right.

If you’re unable to log in but think you’re entitled to a copy of the book or you have any other problems, please contact [email protected] and we’ll endeavour to look into it.

We’ll be sending an email with the above information to all our relevant customers too.

If you’re not entitled to a free copy, Killer Dutch – The Book is available for purchase in our shop, priced at £10.