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According to Wikipedia, in 2008, Grandmaster Simon Williams founded the chess media publishing company Ginger GM with International Master Simon Ansell. The company produces print books, ebooks and DVDs.

Grandmaster Simon Williams


My father, a keen chess player with an ECF rating of 200 (around 2100-2200), taught me how to play the game at the age of six.

In fact, a number of my close relatives also play. My oldest brother Tony, who also reached the dizzy heights of 200 ECF, managed to draw with former world champion, Anatoly Karpov, in a six board simul. If my memory serves me well, all the other competitors in the simul later went on to become grandmasters. Most notable of these players was Nigel Short. My sister Kim, who sadly passed away at a young age, also managed to draw with the current women’s European champion. Indeed, the only family member who was not so interested in the game was my brother Paul.

From an early age, my parents were kind enough to taxi me from one Wey Valley tournament to another. Chess maverick IM Mike Basman, who is renowned for his wacky opening choices, organised several fantastic junior tournaments throughout the year and helped me to improve my level of play. My father would also take me to an adult chess club once a week. I still have fond memories of the smoky environment, the late nights and the gentleman who would speak to himself whilst pondering what move to make! My early clubs include Fleet, Woking, Farnham and Guildford, all of which contributed to an improvement in my standard of play.

The openings that I currently play i.e. the Classical Dutch, the French and the English are in fact the same openings that my father used to play and I am extremely grateful that he had the patience to teach his rather cheeky son!

Around 1992 I achieved my first ever FIDE chess rating which was 2255 – not bad for a twelve year old! At around the same time, I took part in the Hastings where I lost a horrible game against Tim Spanton in which I managed to get back-rank mated. The game was then published by my opponent in an article about how easy it was for patzers (weak players) to gain an internationa and surprise, surprise, this game was used as the main example. Needless to say, this spurred me on to rapidly improve!

At around the age of twelve, I started to receive invitations to various international tournaments. The European and World Youth Championships started to become regular events for me and at sixteen, I achieved my International Master title.

I eventually became a Grandmaster at the age of twenty-seven after taking some time out to study philosophy and cognitive studies at Sussex University as well as teaching chess in a number of schools i such as Cranleigh Prep, Cranleigh Main, St. Peters Farnham, St. Polycarps William Cobbett Farnham and St. Thomas Guildford.

I have also coached a wide range of individuals, ranging from six years old to seventy-two years old! One of my pupils, Christopher Hinchcliff, became the under 9 Gigafinal champion. Another pupil that I used is currently a quiz expert on the BBC2 program Eggheads!

In addition to the coaching, I have also written a number of articles for several magazines and I currently have five books published.

Please see some of my favourite games featured on this website.


  • Age 6: Learnt the game.
  • 10: Managed to beat my Dad in one lucky encounter.
  • 12: Received an International rating of 2255.
  • 12: Won British Junior Squad Under 12 Championships.
  • 14: Finished 16 in European Under 14 Championships.
  • 16: Came first equal with Karl Mah in the Smith and Williamson Young - Masters.
  • 16: Gained the International Master title.
  • 17: Played on the top board for England in U16 * World Team Championships.
  • 17: Finished 7th in European U18 Championships.
  • 24: Earned a degree at Sussex University in Philosophy and Cognitive w Studies whilst making some great friends and losing a few brain cells along the way!
  • 24: Finished 2nd in the British Chess Championships.
  • 26: 1st in British Blitz Championships.
  • 27: Gained the Grandmaster title.
  • 28: Finished 3rd in the British Chess Championships.
  • 28: My friend IM Simon Ansell and I started!
  • 28: Finished 1st Equal at Southend all-play-all tournament.
  • 29: Organised the 1st Big Slick International in Purley London which comprised of a FIDE open and GM all-play-all.
  • 30: Ginger GM publishing released its first DVD entitled Killer Dutch.
  • 30: Ginger GM publishing released its second and third DVD entitled Killer French Part 1 and Killer French Part 2.
  • 31: Finished 1st Equal in the London Chess Classic FIDE Open with a rating performance of 2690.


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  • Williams, Simon (2004). Improve Your Attacking Chess. Gambit Publications. ISBN 9781904600091. Williams, Simon (2008). How To Crush Your Chess Opponents. Gambit Publications. ISBN 9781904600992.
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