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Hammer - Celtic Tigers Raffle now on sale – including prizes from GingerGM!
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06 February 2019

The first ever raffle hosted by Hammersmith Chess Club in London and their affiliate 4NCL team Celtic Tigers is now live! With all monies raised going directly to towards the upkeep and continuation of Hammersmith Chess Club, only 150 tickets are available to all chess fans to win exclusive prizes.

You’ll have a 44% chance per ticket of winning one of the following £2000 worth of goodies, including DVDs from the GingerGM collection, a signed book by GingerGM DVD presenter GM Gawain Jones, one-on-one training sessions with top chess coaches, and more…

Prizes include:

  • 2 * 1 hour training sessions with Adam Taylor (200+ ECF)
  • 3 * 2-volume signed books from GM Gawain Jones
  • 4 * games analysed (from scoresheets) by WIM Sue Maroroa
  • GingerGM – 51 (yes, fifty-one!!) DVD’s to be won
  • 2 hour training session from Hammer’s Carsten Pedersen (197 ECF)
  • 2 hour training session from ECF Coach and Hammer, Tony Niccoli (188 ECF)
  • DGT 2010 digital clock worth £60
  • Kasparov Championship chess set, worth £50
  • My System Book, worth £10
  • Magnetic Wallet Set, worth £5
  • Kasparov International Master chess set, worth £24
  • Multiple Books from the Hammer Library

Tickets cost £10 or two for £15, but don’t delay, as 40% of tickets have already been sold to Hammersmith Chess Club members!

Contact Celtic Tiger team manager Chris Skulte at to purchase or see for more details.

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