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Interactive Courses are Live!
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07 February 2019

Ginger GM are excited to announce the long-awaited release of our new interactive course format with two new titles: Ultimate Attacking Guide - Volume 1 with IM Lawrence Trent and How to Win Chess Tournaments with GM Danny Gormally.

Take a look now, many of the videos and puzzles are available free on! There’s a huge introductory discount too.

What’s different about these courses?

If you purchase a course with the “streaming” option (free for the time being), you can log in to and:

Watch the videos online in your browser (no download required)

Play through the moves in our custom PGN viewer (no additional chess software required)

Solve the puzzles related to the videos you’ve just watched in our puzzles app

You may remember that a while ago we announced - well, this is exactly what we had in mind, but instead of launching an entirely new website we’ve integrated the functionality into our existing website.

Ok, but can I still download the files?

Yes! You’re not obliged to take advantage of these new features. You can still download the videos and PGN files just like with any other Ginger GM product. Any puzzles will be provided as additional PGN files.

Ultimate Attacking Guide Volume 1 with IM Lawrence Trent

IM Lawrence Trent is a fine presenter and even better attacking player! In this 10 hour course, his first for Ginger GM you will learn:

  • Exactly how to attack!
  • The most important principles of attacking chess
  • Essential mating patterns
  • How to strike when the iron is hot
  • To reassess the value of attacking pieces
  • How to punish your opponent’s greediness
  • The importance of your piece’s teamwork
  • Important classical sacrifices for maximum advantage
  • Ways to lure your opponent’s King into the wilderness
  • Methods to attack the castled King

and much more. Lawrence has packed the course full of exciting games and combinations by some of the best attacking players of all-time.

How to Win Chess Tournaments with GM Danny Gormally

Our new courses would have been released much earlier, but we were waiting for GM Danny Gormally to win a tournament so we could optimise our marketing! [JOKE]

Finally, he’s just won the famous Hastings Tournament, and now he’s ready to share his secrets. In this ten hour course, Danny’s third product for Ginger GM, you will learn:

  • How to see one move further
  • The importance of understanding time
  • The value of imagination
  • Identifying your opponent’s plans and preventing them
  • -Killing your opponent’s threat stone dead
  • Sensing danger and snuffing out the attack
  • How to avoid playing passively
  • Psychological reasons for mistakes
  • How to combine calculation with intuition
  • How nerves can affect your intuition
  • Avoid losing the thread of the game
  • To check variations and see beyond the obvious

and much more, in Danny’s inimitable style.

We’ve put a lot of effort in to the new features, and we hope you enjoy them. Any feedback, good or bad, is welcome, just let us know what you think at

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