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Killer d4 - The Wait Is Over GM Simon Williams

08 March 2016 | 0 Comments

Some things are just worth waiting for, and I am hoping that is also going to mean Killer d4 - Parts 1 + 2.

I am very happy with these DVDs. Based around a very aggressive and exciting opening foundation. These videos are all you need to play 1. d4 with confidence.

The DVDs demonstrate the variations that I have personally played as White through out my life. These lines have helped me become a GM, and I am sure that they will also help you improve as a player.

So what is in each DVD? Take a look below:

Killer d4 - DVD 1

In the first of this two part DVD series, I will be guiding you through an extremely aggressive repertoire based on 1. d4. Concentrating on gambits and sharp play this opening has been my main weapon in becoming a Grandmaster. Learn my secrets and the secrets of a GM in this 7 hour DVD!

This DVD covers:

  • Chapter 1: The Slav
  • Chapter 2: The Semi-Slav
  • Chapter 3: The Triangle Variation – Marshall Gambit
  • Chapter 4: Queen’s Gambit Accepted
  • Chapter 5: The Queen’s Gambit Declined: 5. Bf4
  • Chapter 6: The Albin Counter Gambit
  • Chapter 7: Vienna Opening
  • Chapter 8: Ragozin Variation 4… Bb4
  • Chapter 9: 4… Nbd7 5 Bf4
  • Chapter 10: The Tarrasch Defence
  • Chapter 11: Conclusion/Overview of DVD 1

If you are a fan of aggressive attacking chess, this DVD could be the weapon for you!

Take a look at the following trailer, which is taken from Chapter 3, The Triangle Variation:

Killer d4 - DVD 2

In the second DVD in this series, I take a look at everything else that you need to know when playing 1. d4. The aim is to teach things in a simple yet effective manner. Where both club players and Grandmaster will be able to pick up something useful. Aggressive, attacking chess is the key. This repertoire got me to GM so there is no reason it cannot do the same for you!

This DVD covers:

  • Chapter 1: Queen’s Indian Defence
  • Chapter 2: The Bogo Indian
  • Chapter 3: The Benoni
  • Chapter 4: The Snake Benoni
  • Chapter 5: The Czech Benoni
  • Chapter 6: The Blumenfield Gambit
  • Chapter 7: The Benko Gambit: Nescafe-Frappe Attack
  • Chapter 8: The King’s Indian Defence: White plays Be2 and Be3!?
  • Chapter 9: The Grunfeld Opening
  • Chapter 10: Budapest Gambit
  • Chapter 11: The English Defence
  • Chapter 12: The Black Knights Tango
  • Chapter 13: Surprising the Dutch Defence

This video is around four and a half hours long.

If you want a personal lesson from me, then this is the way to go.

How much for this bargain?

Each DVD costs £14.99 and to purchase both we are doing it at the very reasonable price of £25. For over 11 hours of coaching with me, that seems like a very good deal!

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    GM Simon Williams

Ginger GM supremo Grandmaster Simon Williams is the brains behind the Ginger GM operation.