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The Danny Gormally Column #1 GM Danny Gormally

24 March 2016 | 0 Comments

Here at Ginger GM we’ve been lacking some regular fresh content for a while. Filming and producing DVDs leaves little time for writing, you know (although look out for our new Killer French eBook a couple of weeks from now…).

To that end, we’ve recruited one of our DVD authors, the North of England’s Finest Grandmaster Danny Gormally, to write an exclusive weekly column! Danny is a great writer, frank and often outspoken, and he’s promised to give us his regular thoughts on the world of chess. We strongly recommend that you buy his “hilarious and tragic” (not our words) new book A Year Inside the Chess World, and we’re not even on commission!

There’s not too much going on at the moment, except for a small tournament somewhere in Russia to decide who gets to lose to Magnus next, so we start with a couple of annotated games from the 4NCL (Britain’s premier team competition).

This is my first article for the Ginger GM website! I thought I’d show you guys some games from the 4NCL. In future I’d like to look at some games from the top tournaments like the candidates, but as I’m incredibly lazy I thought it would be a good idea to kick off with some games of my own!

After the comeback win against Ravi I felt on very good terms with myself. Had a lovely curry with my team, went to bed early, and was looking forward to my clash with David Howell. Sadly for me, this optimism was to be short-lived. I put up all the fight of a limp lettuce.

About the Author GM Danny Gormally

    GM Danny Gormally

Danny Gormally is a talented English Grandmaster. He lives in the bustling market town of Alnwick, somewhere near Scotland.

Danny’s first DVD for Ginger GM, Improve Your Practical Play was released in September 2013. His new book “A Year Inside the Chess World” is available now.