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The Danny Gormally Column #4 GM Danny Gormally

25 April 2016 | 0 Comments

In his second article on the recent Colin Crouch Celebration Masters, Danny looks at some impressive performances from the junior players in the tournament.

Rise of the Juniors

The Colin Crouch memorial will probably be remembered as much for the impressive win of Vakhidov, as for the impressive performance of three junior players.

Chief amongst them is Akshaya Kalaiyalhan. I must admit I don’t know her that well but everything I see is positive. She seems to be a very nice person with a very good temperament, which is reflected in her play, which is very well-rounded and contains no obvious flaws. With the right sort of guidance I believe she has the potential to go to the very top.

One player who was impressive as any in the event was Justin Tan. Tan has been coached by Adam Hunt at Woodbridge school over the last few years and it was clear from his whole demeanour in Harrow that he is playing with a huge amount of confidence. At no point did he seem in trouble for the entire event and he effectively cruised to his first GM norm.

Another young player who made an impression and seems to have a bright future is James Moreby. James is from Gosforth in Newcastle and has been coached in recent years by Charley Storey and Jacob Aagaard. I’d often bump into him and his dad Kurt coming to and from the venue and we’d have a brief chat about the games. He seemed to chastise himself for playing the Blumenfeld gambit earlier in the tournament. In the following game he chooses a much more solid set-up as Black, but it isn’t long before he obtains excellent attacking chances in any case.

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