Ginger GM


with Úna O'Boyle

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  • Book: Softback.
  • Pages: 157pp.
  • ISBN: 978 0992967208

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Foreword by GM Nigel Short OBE.

Without doubt chess is the most brilliant and beautiful board game ever invented! Hundreds and thousands of books are available in many different languages on different aspects of the game. This beautifully illustrated book is an adapted translation of the first ever chess book written in the Irish language called originally Ficheall - the Irish word for chess. Translated by the original author Úna O'Boyle, Ficheall was shortlisted for Children's Book of the Year.

This children's book brings the complete beginner on a journey, accompanied with captivating artwork, to a standard of junior club player. It includes chapters rarely seen such as etiquette in playing chess, chess terminology in different languages as well as plenty of lessons and exercises.

Truly a must for the aspiring beginner.


  • Úna O'Boyle

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