British Championships Part 2 - Domination of Adams GM Danny Gormally

24 August 2016

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Going into the second week it looked wide open. After all I was only half a point behind the leaders on 4.5/6, with Adams and Howell and a surprise name, my golfing buddy David Eggelston, on 5/6. I soon found myself in some difficulty in my round seven game against Richard Palliser. As normal Richard was very well prepared and I had to go into some grotty ending where I’m struggling to hold with a queen against two rooks.

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British Championships - Part 1 GM Danny Gormally

09 August 2016

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Here’s the first of Danny’s two part report on the recently concluded British Championships, including three annotated games.

This years British chess championships was dominated by one player, Michael Adams, who equalled the record of his good friend Julian Hodgson, in scoring 10/11. But before we move on to the brilliant Mickey and what makes him so strong, which I’ll be focusing on in the second part, lets look at my own performance. After all it’s really all about me, right?!

I turned up on the Sunday and as soon as I left the station my first feeling was one of disappointment. I was looking forward to going to Bournemouth, I had never been before, but it just seemed like a bit of a dump. Lots of angry looking people walking around, and that was just the chess players. Admittedly that view was mainly because I had walked around the area around the station and was staying in less than glamorous accomodation.

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Scottish Championships - The One That Got Away GM Danny Gormally

03 August 2016

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Danny’s currently going pretty well in the British Championships. Let’s hope it finishes better for him than the recent Scottish event!

In a sense the Scottish Championships was a typical chess tournament for me. I started well, had a good middle of the tournament but just couldn’t close it out. It was very similar to the 2015 British championships. I felt like I played the best chess of anyone there but it wasn’t reflected in the final result. Time and again my poor nervous control let me down. In round one though it wasn’t so much bad nerves as a certain amount of rustiness that caused me to draw a game I really should have won.

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Winning With the Benko GM Danny Gormally

15 July 2016

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For this cutting edge series I want to give readers something they can get their teeth into; in other words an active repertoire for both colours. The Benko fits neatly into this category as it’s a very active defence where Black is essentially fighting for the initiative from move one.

Here White cannot “avoid” the fight, he has to take the game by the horns if he is to emerge with an advantage.

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Ivan is Back with Secrets of Positional Sacrifices GM Simon Williams

14 July 2016

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We’re excited to announce Ivan Sokolov’s second DVD for GingerGM. Secrets of Positional Sacrifices is now available for download.

Take a look at the trailer for a taste of Ivan’s clear and instructive presentation.

We think Vladimir Kramnik must have sneaked a look at an advance copy, judging by the game he played yesterday in Dortmund. If you like this kind of chess, you’ll love Secrets of Positional Sacrifices!

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Organisers - Pick the Right Players! GM Simon Williams

08 July 2016

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Creativity takes courage. Henri Matisse

Whether chess is an art form, science, sport or something completely different. The chess games that I most enjoy watching/playing, are the ones which are unique in some shape or form.

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