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Empire Chess Club Player's Manifesto - Ultimate Super Pack

with GM Damian Lemos

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  • Running Time: 50 hours
  • Presenters: GM Damian Lemos
  • Encoding: Standard H.264, .mp4, compatible with all Apple and PC devices.

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The Club Player’s Manifesto Super Value Pack is a unique comprehensive course for chess players who want to advance to the next category. Many of the ideas presented in this course have never been properly explained to club players before.

The lessons contained in the course are intended to make it feel as if you are studying one-on-one with Grandmaster Lemos. The course has been carefully designed, so that after completing all the material, you will have everything you need to advance to the next level whether you are new to club chess or on the verge of becoming a master.

The Club Player’s Manifesto Series employs an innovative approach to learning the core essentials of chess for club players up to Candidate Master, guided by Grandmaster Damian Lemos, one of the World Leaders in Chess DVD presentation brought to you exclusively by iChess.NET.

This super-pack includes 20 DVDs by GM Damian Lemos as he explains his route from club level to the Grandmaster title. Viewers will learn how Grandmaster Lemos approaches chess training and how you can design a similar regimen for success as he goes into great detail explaining key concepts related to all phases of the game.

You will develop a complete opening repertoire for the white and black pieces and also learn about common resulting middlegames from these openings, and the best long-term strategies to utilize. Grandmaster Lemos will teach you about GM-level tactics and endgame technique, guaranteeing you improve your chess in a truly holistic manner.

Your entire chess game (and results!!!) will skyrocket after studying this 50 hour chess course by GM Damian Lemos.

What You Will Learn

  • The right way to analyze tactical positions during a game.
  • Key positional concepts, particularly those that relate to those important central squares.
  • How to attack when you have the advantage.
  • How to defend when you are worse or under attack.

The Club Player’s Manifesto Parts 1 & 2

  • – The Official Course for aspiring ‘Candidate Masters’.
  • Exclusive Grandmaster Video by a brilliant presenter.
  • Extended PDF summaries have numbered matching bullet points of all pertinent content.
  • Dozens of relevant practice problems per disc of a structured 10 DVD set.
  • The most comprehensive club players “DVD course with materials” ever released.
  • PGN files included free for every DISC.
  • Option to contact GM Damian Lemos for Skype support lessons.
  • Brought to you by – The World Leaders in DVD education.

Included Products

Volume 51: GM Attacks for Club Players – Presented by GM Damian Lemos

In this Empire Chess DVD has emphasis on basic and advanced concepts of ‘Attacking the King’ and the many factors leading up to the attacking possibility. Before the attack commences there is explanations of how it happens, this is done by examining a theoretical opening, followed by examination of the middle game skills that enable the attacking possibility, followed by how the attack is correctly conducted.

  • 1. Alekhine - Lasker
  • 2. Analyse a position
  • 3. Meesen - Muller
  • 4. Ortueta - Sanz
  • 5. Greco - NN
  • 6. Field - Tenner
  • 7. Yemelin - Nepomniatchi

Volume 52: Attacking with Forcing Moves – Presented by GM Damian Lemos

This DVD follows on from the first DVD in The Club Players Manifesto, which had emphasis on basic and advanced concepts of attacking the King and the many factors leading up to the attacking possibility.

  • 1. Steinitz - von Bardeleben
  • 2. Hansen - Lundin
  • 3. Clemens - Eisenschmitd
  • 4. Kotov - Bondarevsky
  • 5. Belavenets - Chistiakov

Volume 53: GM Strategy for Club Players – Presented by GM Damian Lemos

This chess DVD looks at ‘Strategy’ and discusses the many strategical openings, then breaks down the strategical elements of each game and some of the key concepts are identified.

  • 1. Sadler - Murugan
  • 2. Keres - Fine
  • 3. Topalov - Adams
  • 4. Ogard - Flesh
  • 5. Karpov - Xie Jun

Volume 54: World Champion Strategy – Presented by GM Damian Lemos

This DVD builds upon Disk 3/10 ‘Strategy’ which discussed the many strategical openings primarily using game examples from ex World Champions. Emphasis is also given to ‘The Bishop Pair’ and the advantage and disadvantages in various situations.

  • 1. Karpov - Bagirov
  • 2. Kasparov - Polgar
  • 3. Berlinsky - Alekhine
  • 4. Botvinnik - Reshevsky
  • 5. Chuchelov - Arlandi

Volume 55: Aggressive Chess Guide – Presented by GM Damian Lemos

This DVD has emphasis on ‘Aggressive Play’ using The Initiative, Central Pressure, Lateral entry for pieces and harnessing Bishops. There is also explanation of the opening running up to the aggressive play situations.

  • 1. Kuligowsky - Knaak
  • 2. McDonald - Wells
  • 3. Ricardi - Campora
  • 4. Carlsen - Nikolic
  • 5. Larsen - Tal

Volume 56: Control the Center – Presented by GM Damian Lemos

This DVD has emphasis on the centre how to stake an advantage there, once secured, how to then approach with an attack on a different part of the board. Discussions of the theoretical openings and their control of the centre is also considered.

  • 1. Kasparov - Loginov
  • 2. Ftanick - Weiss
  • 3. Guitescu - Timman
  • 4. Webb - Hartson
  • 5. Baburin - Sokolov

Volume 57: Positional Chess Guide – Presented by GM Damian Lemos

In this DVD, GM Damian Lemos looks at ‘Positional Play’ things like voluntarily giving up ‘The Bishop Pair’, How to attack doubled ‘C’ pawns, Placing Rooks deliberately on Closed files, The IQP advantages and disadvantages and many more Positional Play methods.

  • 1. Granero Roca - Hauchard
  • 2. Filipov - Potapov
  • 3. Kasparov - Timman
  • 4. Petrosian - Korchnoi
  • 5. Hodgson - Almasi

Volume 58: Master the Middlegame – Presented by GM Damian Lemos

This DVD has emphasis on the ‘Middle game’ looking at ideas and concepts based around Pawn Structure, Bishop Pair, Kings Pawn Cover and many more elements. The opening is also considered on the lead in to the resulting middle games.

  • 1. Fischer - Unzicker
  • 2. Troianescu - Petrosian
  • 3. Byrne - Anderson
  • 4. Nimzowisch - Salwe
  • 5. Forgats - Tartakower

Volume 59: Defensive Domination – Presented by GM Damian Lemos

This DVD looks at Defence and how to stay calm in the face of attack with concise understanding of opponents threats. Preparing your defence against expected attacks is considered as is the use of tactics.

  • 1. Tal - Botvinnik
  • 2. Yermolinsky - Ivanov
  • 3. Ivanov - Dorfman
  • 4. Komarov - Aseev
  • 5. Illescas - Anderson

Volume 60: Tactical Chess Guide – Presented by GM Damian Lemos

This DVD looks at ‘Tactics’ and how a Grandmaster thinks in tactical situations. Searching for surprising moves, opening lines to the King, King Hunt, In-Between moves, Removal of Key Defenders and many more tactics are considered.

  • 1. Analysis of a position
  • 2. Capablanca - Subarev
  • 3. Kotov - Keres
  • 4. Strikovic - Tiviakov
  • 5. Borovsky - Janosky
  • 6. Karpov - Kasparov
  • 7. Taimanov - Gheorgiu
  • 8. Shirov - Benjamin

Volume 71: Ultra Deep Strategy – Techniques Of The Super GMS – GM Damian Lemos

This DVD shows us the secrets of chess strategy at the highest level through extensively analysed master games. Emphasising the correct plans and ideas at every moment, it is a series for advanced players to complement their training with an aspect more difficult than tactics.

  • 1. Gelfand - Short
  • 2. Kotronias - Gigloric
  • 3. Ogaard - Flesch
  • 4. Hickl - Adianto

Volume 72: Learn To Defend As A GM – GM Damian Lemos

You will learn the art of defence, just like the GMs employ when they need to defend themselves against the attacks of their opponents. It is important to learn the basic concepts of defence in order to avoid suffering painful defeats due to not knowing how to react. Defence is sometimes a difficult task and a part of the game that many players do not like, often even avoiding positions where they have to defend themselves, despite it being the best option.

  • 1. Sokolov - Hellers
  • 2. Jirovsky - Kalod
  • 3. Piket - Van der Wiel
  • 4. Khalifman - Crouch

Volume 73: Super GM’S Guide To Positional Chess – GM Damian Lemos

This DVD consists of studying the strategic game, while acting as a guide for learning how Super GMs dominate positional chess. Over the course of these videos you will see master games explained in-depth by GM Lemos, placing emphasis on every move, explaining the motive and the distinct reasoning and thinking that causes GMs to make certain decisions.

  • 1. Botvinnik - Alekhine
  • 2. Tyomkin - Hergott
  • 3. Kogan - Avrukh
  • 4. Almasi - Magem

Volume 74: Aggressive Attacks: The Most Aggressive Attacks In History – GM Damian Lemos

You will learn how to attack and play aggressively right from the opening, to practice calculating and the possible attacks available in various positions, initiative and constantly threatening your opponent.

  • 1. Colle - O’Halon
  • 2. Khalifman - Sveshnikov
  • 3. Maryasin - Mikhalevski
  • 4. Van Wely - Acs
  • 5. Delaune - Alexopoulos

Volume 75: How Super GMs Think – Change your Mindset! – GM Damian Lemos

GM Damian Lemos reveals the ideas of the middlegame and explains to you how a GM thinks throughout the game. It also focuses on how Super GMs calculate and teaches you to change how you think. This work is presented across extensively-analysed and annotated games in which GM Lemos explains the plans and ideas behind each position after every move.

  • 1. Spassov - Georgiev
  • 2. Haik - Seret
  • 3. Adianto - Gunawan
  • 4. Dreev - Galkin
  • 5. Maryasin - Zalkind

Volume 76: Middlegame Transition Guide: How GMs Transition From Opening to Middlegame – GM Damian Lemos

This DVD presents the guide for transition to the middlegame, how GMs plan the passage from the opening to the middlegame, paying particular attention to how the choice of opening decides the plans on how to follow on to the middlegame and the endgame.

During the middlegame, the player can lose the advantage they obtained in the opening if they do not know how to correctly enact their plan; just as it happens to experts in endgames. If you do not obtain an advantageous position in the middlegame, it will be very difficult to achieve victory in the endgame.

  • 1. Milov - Sutovsky
  • 2. Waitzkin - Vescovi
  • 3. Bologan - Bacrot
  • 4. Knaak - Ermenkov

Volume 77: Attack Like a Super GM – GM Damian Lemos

Many players know how to attack, but lack the ability to coordinate material and create decisive threats towards a particular objective. It is important to not only know how to evaluate a position and determine whether you can attack, but also the most effective way to transfer your forces into attack. Not doing this correctly could cost the player the game.

  • 1. Kuzmin - Sveshnikov
  • 2. Gromer - Vistaneckis
  • 3. Padevsky - Botvinnik
  • 4. Walther - Tal
  • 5. Pachman - Wallis

Volume 78: Counterattack Like a Super GM – GM Damian Lemos

Counterattacking, a powerful weapons in our repertoire, is one of the important facets of the game that we see in these videos. Often we need to defend and wait for our chance to counterattack; this tends to be very effective as our opponent goes from attacking to having to defend themselves which they don’t like to do. Counterattacking is often more effective against an opponent’s poor defense when they are unable to adapt to the new situation.

  • 1. Geller - Spassky
  • 2. Illescas - Spangenberg
  • 3. Barus - Tkachiev
  • 4. Karpov - Leko

Volume 79: Super GM Tactics – GM Damian Lemos

Tactics often complement a prepared strategy and you will also learn how to punish an opponent for ignoring certain norms of the game, such as development, gaining material in exchange for a loss in tempo and you will see the importance of initiative and prioritising development over material.

  • 1. Milos - Ehlvest
  • 2. Kharlov - Grischuk
  • 3. Sapunov - Sokolov
  • 4. Nijboer - Bjornsson

Volume 80: Killer Combinations – GM Damian Lemos

GM Damian Lemos focuses on teaching you certain combination tactics that bring about forced mate or gaining material by meticulously scrutinising 4 Super GM games in order to explain how Grandmasters think.

There are a lot of tactical themes that should be known and certain typical combinations that all players should know. There are simple combinations with few moves to gain material in the short term and other more complex and difficult ones that require longer precise calculation and can bring about mate or gain material but not immediately.

  • 1. Markovic - Drasko
  • 2. Ziatdinov - Chernin
  • 3. Kramnik - Shirov
  • 4. Zukertort - NN


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