Ginger GM

Fiona's Fundamentals

with WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni and GM Simon Williams

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  • Running Time: 7 hours 19 minutes
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In her first DVD, WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni's Fiona's Fundamentals is a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of chess. Suitable for beginners to advanced club players on the tournament circuit, Fiona's Fundamentals covers an extensive repertoire of essential principles, ideal for anyone wishing to develop or strengthen their existing skills and refresh their chess. Presented in the Double Tuition format with GM Simon Williams aka GingerGM, every fundamental is illustrated with examples from Fiona's own games spanning years from her debut at international competitions aged 11, to an Olympiad Gold board medalist aged 17.

In five full chapters spanning 7.5 hours, Fiona and Simon will take you through the crucial principles necessary for the improving player, including time management, intuition, calculation, avoiding mistakes, reacting under pressure and seeing one move further. Your chess: refreshed!

To finish the DVD, Fiona and Simon present their favourite games from their many years of tournament play.

WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni is best known as a passionate international tournament player, commentator, streamer and journalist. Fiona has commentated at top tournaments across the world including the Reykjavik Open, IoM Chess, and Tata Steel.

You will learn:

  • The basic principles of opening play
  • How to develop your pieces and control the centre
  • To avoid unnecessary pawn and piece moves
  • The importance of gaining time, and not to panic!
  • Fundamental strategies of the middle game
  • Blunders, and how to prevent them
  • Why planning is a pivotal concept in chess
  • Not to lose focus, resign prematurely and to think twice before accepting a draw
  • That you should always check your opponent's last move
  • How to use all your pieces

Watch a sneak preview of the DVD, 'Chapter 2.5 – Don't Give Up the Bishop Pair Lightly' below.

  • Introduction to DVD.mp4 05:46
  • 1.0 Introduction to Chapter 1.mp4 01:47
  • 1.11 Develop Your Pieces Part 1.mp4 12:28
  • 1.12 Develop Your Pieces Part 2.mp4 15:46
  • 1.2 Control the Centre.mp4 19:50
  • 1.3 King Safety.mp4 21:21
  • 1.4 Try Not to Move the Same Pieces.mp4 14:18
  • 1.5 Avoid Unnecessary Pawn Moves.mp4 15:40
  • 1.6 Gain Time.mp4 12:14
  • 2 Introduction to Chapter 2.mp4 03:06
  • 2.1 Activate Rooks.mp4 24:11
  • 2.2 Use All Your Pieces.mp4 19:29
  • 2.3 Send Your Pieces Where They're Useful.mp4 27:16
  • 2.4 Avoid Creating Weak Squares.mp4 10:15
  • 2.5 Don't Give Up the Bishop Pair Lightly.mp4 12:08
  • 3 Introduction to Chapter 3.mp4 02:23
  • 3.1 Blunders.mp4 23:13
  • 3.2 Missing Threats.mp4 10:03
  • 3.3 Getting the Queen out Prematurely.mp4 12:50
  • 3.4 Weakening Pawn Moves.mp4 10:21
  • 3.5 Lack of Planning.mp4 25:57
  • 4 Introduction to Chapter 4.mp4 02:58
  • 4.1 Don't Lose Focus in a Winning Position.mp4 22:41
  • 4.2 Don't Resign Prematurely.mp4 08:55
  • 4.3 Always Check Your Opponent's Last Move.mp4 15:19
  • 4.4 Think Twice Before Accepting a Draw.mp4 14:59
  • 4.5 Don't Panic.mp4 13:07
  • 5.1 Fiona's Best Game.mp4 38:56
  • 5.3 Si's Best Game.mp4 10:08
  • 6 Conclusion.mp4 11:50


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  • Fiona Steil-Antoni
    WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni
  • Simon Williams
    GM Simon Williams

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