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1. Chapter1 part 1 Nd2 6.Qxd4 and 7.b4

Killer Bogo Indian

with IM Elizabeth Paehtz

Welcome everybody to my Killer Bogo Indian - French Style opening course! The name of this exclusive opening is based on a sharp and dynamic set-up and of course the option of a transposition into the French opening when white plays 2.e4.

The course is divided into 3 chapters:

1: 3.Nd2

2. 3.Nc3

3. 3.Bd2

All those chapters lead to different structures, ideas and options. I tried to choose the sharpest variations in my course as I am a dynamic player, however I also mention alternatives in the game notations, which are naturally considerable.

Why does the Killer Bogo Indian offer you an excellent repertoire? First of all the "learning theory effort is rather limited" if you are a French opening player.  Secondly the move order 1...e6 and Bb4 does avoid the Nimzo Indian defence (see chapter 2), as you do not put your knight on f6 at the early stage. The early b6-Bb7 and f5 set-up gives you a quick control on the important central square on e4.

Last but not least is the built up of pressure. In most variations you create an early attack in the centre, forcing your opponent on precise and correct play.  

I played many games in the Bogo Indian Variation myself with great success, especially for rapid and blitz games this is a super good opening as moves are logical and come easy by hand. 

IM Elizabeth Paethz


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Quick info

  • Format: DVD / download (mp4 files)
  • Running Time: 8 hours
  • System Requirements: This DVD will run on all platforms - PC, MAC, tablet etc.
  • File Size:  889KB
  • PGN Files: Included

Course Contibutors

  • IM Elizabeth Paehtz

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