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The Lazy Najdorf

with GM Danny Gormally and GM Simon Williams

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  • Format: Download (mp4).
  • Running Time: 6 hours 5 minutes.
  • System Requirements: This DVD will run on all platforms - PC, MAC, games consoles and set top boxes. 625 PAL.
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In this second instalment of the Double Tuition series, Ginger GM presents The Lazy Najdorf. Hosted by GM Danny Gormally and GM Simon Williams, this 6+ hour DVD aims to teach you one of the most aggressive replies to 1.e4, the Najdorf. The second DVD in the new Double Tuition series, this unique format offers unrivalled expert tuition from two Grandmasters on your favourite openings.

Ginger GM is pleased to welcome back long-time Najdorf aficionado GM Danny Gormally, who provides expert analysis and theoretical knowledge on one of the most popular chess openings of all time. Also on hand is GM Simon Williams, who utilises 20+ years of teaching to ask questions relevant to the casual or club player, ensuring that there is no stone left unturned in helping you learn this aggressive and historically-respected variation of the classic Sicilian Defence, frequently employed by world champions Bobby Fischer and Gary Kasparov.

Rather than bombarding the student with endless theoretical variations to memorise, The Lazy Najdorf aims to teach you the main ideas, concepts, structures, replies etc in an easy-to-remember and simple fashion. Boasting 17 key games with expert Grandmaster analysis, and 7 distinct chapters of sharp theory, this DVD provides the chess student, novice or advanced alike, with everything you need to confidently begin to play this opening or refresh your previous repertoire.

  • Introduction
  • Game 1 – Robert Fischer vs Julio Bolbochan – Domination of d5
  • Game 2 – Example of domination of the d5 square – V. Anand vs L. van Wely
  • Game 3 – Example of how to deal with domination of the d5 square – W. Unzicker vs R. Fischer
  • Game 4 – Rook sacrifice on c3 – S. Movsesian vs G. Kasparov
  • Game 5 – How to deal with ...Rxc3 – J. Polgar vs P. Svidler
  • Game 6 – Typical ...e5 and Queenside attack – S. P. Sethuraman vs Y. Yangyi
  • Game 7 – Black takes the sting out of white's play with ...e5! - D. Howell vs M. Carlsen
  • Game 8 – The ...d5 break – B. Michiels vs E. Sutovsky
  • Game 9 – The …d5 break – D. Gormally vs N. Zwirs
  • Game 10 – The ...d5 break (3) – J. Hjartarson vs G. Vidit
  • Game 11 – Opposite side attacks! (1) - G. Sax vs J. Gallagher
  • Game 12 – Opposite side attacks! (2) – A. Motylev vs B. Gelfand
  • Game 13 – Dark square control (1) – R. Ponomariov vs V.Anand
  • Game 14 – Dark square control (2) – A. Saveliev vs D. Kokarev
  • Game 15 – White's typical attack – E. Sutovsky vs L. van Wely
  • Game 16 – White's attack with g6 and h5 – E. Sutovsky vs F. Amonatov
  • Game 17 – Ways to stop White's kingside attack – A. Shirov vs G. Kasparov
  • Theory A – Bg5 – The Sharpest System
  • Theory B – Bc4 – Fischer's Favourite Plan
  • Theory C – The Trendy h3
  • Theory D – The Solid Be2
  • Theory E – An Early f4 from white
  • Theory F – White plays g3
  • Theory G – The English Attack with Be3 - S. Karjakin vs V. Anand
  • Conclusion


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  • Danny Gormally
    GM Danny Gormally
  • Simon Williams
    GM Simon Williams

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