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1. Introduction

Winning Grandmaster Methods: How I Reached 2700

with GM David Howell

In this comprehensive 15-hour course one of England’s finest ever players, Grandmaster David Howell, takes us through the journey and process that made him the player he is today.

David has been largely self-taught in his road to Grandmaster and you will learn his secrets of his success with this mammoth project, the first chess course that David has ever made! In David's course you will learn key principles such as to ‘How to Convert an Advantage’ or ‘Which Openings’ will suit you and the openings you should learn.

David has put an incredible amount of thought behind each chapter and minute of this course. Everything has been handpicked as a key topic that you will need to study in order to improve at chess.

How many times will you get a chance to get a 15-hour personal lesson from an England number 1 and one of the best players in the world? This course will be like you having a personal coach, but for a fraction of the price.

One of the main stumbling blocks that stops a player from developing is not knowing what to learn or learning the wrong topics. With this course you will never have that issue again, you can be assured that you will be put on the right path by one of the best players in the world. If you also have ambitions in chess then there will be no better course to study, 'How I Reached 2700' will lead you through everything you need to improve as a player. With meticulously picked examples from his own games, David will tell you what to learn and what to put to one side.

There is a reason David became England number one and 2700+, you will learn about the secrets of his success here. This is one of the courses that GingerGM is most proud to have produced, and has entailed an enormous amount of time and effort on the part of one of England's top Grandmasters.

David’s personal achievements have included:

  • Youngest ever Grandmaster in the United Kingdom
  • Three-time British Champion
  • Youngest player to have ever beaten a Grandmaster (age 8!)
  • First equal in the European Youth Championships
  • British Knock-Out Champion
  • Nearly qualified for the Candidates tournament in 2019

Chapter titles include:

  • Calculation
  • Converting
  • Endgames
  • Handling Time Pressure
  • Maximising Your Chances
  • Opening Preparation
  • Preparing for Specific Opponents
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Planning & Prophylaxis
  • Practical Tournament Tips
  • Rapid & Blitz Tips
  • Tenacity in Bad Positions
  • Understanding Yourself as a Player
  • Working Between Tournaments

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  • Running Time: 16 hours 17 minutes
  • System Requirements: This will run on all platforms
  • File Size:  3.03GB

Course Contibutors

  • GM David Howell

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