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Killer Dutch - The Book (eBook)
with GM Simon Williams

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  • Format: eBook (PDF).
  • Pages: 449pp.
  • Published: 2013.
  • File Size: 3 MB.
  • PGN Files: Not included.

Killer Dutch - eBook Free Sample Chapters

Introduction and Chapter 1 - Ye Old Faithful 7…a5 completely free. 100 pages!


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This is a work that has been in the making for the last three years. Originally, this e-book was supposed to be a extension of my ‘Killer Dutch’ DVD, but the work then took on a life of it’s own.

I am well known for being the worlds leading authority on the Classical Dutch. The opening has brought me victories over some of the best players in the world including Ivan Sokolov, Boris Gelfand and Radaslav Wojtaszek.

I now believe that this e-book is the best and most comprehensive guide to the Classical Dutch, available anywhere in the world.

My original book on the Dutch, ‘Play the Classical Dutch’ has gone out of print but was voted by New In Chess as ‘one of the top ten best chess books ever written.’ (Glenn Flear).

This book was written over ten years ago. ‘The Killer Dutch’ reflects the cutting edge of chess theory, most of the ideas inside have never been tried in practical chess so there are plenty of interesting ideas to explore!

At £10 I believe this e-book to be a bargain. I am sure it will give the reader an interesting insight into the weird and wonderful world of the Classical Dutch.